Who is Jack Shepherd's Son, David's mother


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Who is Jack Shepherd's Son, David's mom?

Jack has a son named David, who is a teenage piano prodigy. If we recall of few episodes of Jack then we will remember that he also played the piano at times. Jack is also, like his own dad, a kind of absentee parent, estranged from his son. There are plenty mentions of David’s mother, but in a possible tease, we don’t see who she is???

Okay if we focus then here are few points which can be argued.

In the alternate reality, Jack has a son named David, David’s mom is not introduced to us, but is no longer with Jack. David has blue eyes and freckles – Could Kate be his mom? David is reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland., Jack read Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to Aaron. On the island, Jacob uses the phrase “You’ve got what it takes” to lure Jack into his plan. In the alternate reality, Jack tells David “I guess I wasn’t cut out for it.” David’s mother’s address is 233 – Jack’s number in the cave was 23. Jack finds the key to David’s mother’s house under a ceramic rabbit, similar to how the white rabbit guided Alice to a key in Adventures in Wonderland. In the alternate reality, Jack doesn’t drink. On the island, Jack alludes that drinking (and other things) lead him back to the island to be fixed. Jacob has instructed Jack and Hurley to turn the dial to 108. “Lighthouse” mark’s the 108th episode of LOST. The dial in the Lighthouse looks similar to the one used by Eloise Hawking at the Lampost Dharma station. David plays the same recital piece that Daniel Faraday played. The Other that is present in Jack’s new alternate reality is Dogen. Through the Looking Glass explores alternate realities and timelines on the other side of a mirror, and the mirror in the Lighthouse reflects past realities through images of the Oceanic 6’s past.

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  1. Sorrowburn Aeon |

    His mother is Juliet.


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