108 Wallace , Is he Jacob ?


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Hello guys! Lost Episode 05 of season 6 (S06e05) "Lighthouse" has been an eventful and interesting episode in which lot of new things came to view.

- David ( Jacks Son)

108 Wallace , Is he Jacob- Lighthouse
- Claire weirdness
- Shannon's Inhaler
- Dial with the mirror on which numbers along with names were written.

Just like cave scenario, except candidates and one non-candidate ( Austin ) all numbers were crossed. We will discuss why Jacob tells Hurley to move the dial at position of 108 Degrees. Whose name is written at 108 degrees? Lets try to find out the relation between numbers. As we know that 108 is the sum of THE NUMBERS ( 4+8+15+16+23+42).

4= John Locke
8 =Hugo Hurley Rays
15=James Sawyer Ford
16=Sayid Jarrah
42= Kwon ( Jin )

What is Common between All these names?? John, James, Jarrah, Jack, Jin !!?? Except Hurley all names share a first or last name start with J. What about Hurley lets find out whats his real name!! You Kidding!! ?? It's Jorge Garcia. :D So lets suppose we have found a letter J common in candidates. Now lets associate this setup with 108 the resultant figure!!  Did any one notice the name written next to 108 digit was WALLACE???
Who could be Wallace!

Assuming its a last name! lets try to think like we didn'n know KWON was name for JIN may be Wallace is the name for some one we already know?

If we continue " J letter " theory, think of any name in Lostpedia which comes to you mind starting with J  ??

What about JACOB???  Was Hurley told to move the dial at 108 because Jacob wanted to show something to Jack? What relation he has with Jack! What does he want from him ??

There is one more feature which all candidates and Jacob share.

All candidates represented by numbers have been chosen for a common purpose which is to save/protect the island! So what do you expect the product(SUM) of all those number would do ? Protect the Island ? and who has been protecting Island so far :)

One last thing to add here Wallace name is crossed out, which means he is dead right ? So  Jacob is he dead or not :S

Guys It was just a thought just like any other theory or prediction made by just another fan of LOST :D, So it may right, It may be wrong.

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Leave your comment, give ideas and predict may be we don't get such a chance again to do it as we know Season 6 would be the final season of Lost. :(

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